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Gideon Hodge, Nikolas Baxter, Aethersphere, Lillith's Redemption

Stories for all to enjoy!

Discover the captivating stories of Gideon Hodge! From uplifting tales to thought-provoking reads, these books provide something for everyone. Let Gideon's words take you away and immerse you in his unique imagination. 

Meet the Author

Where it all started

Originally from Lorain, Ohio Gideon Hodge has stories to tell. Also known as Nikolas Baxter, Gideon loves reading, writing, and spending time with his family and cherished friends. From youth to adulthood, he has always been fascinated with fiction and fairytales that have been the central inspiration behind his work. With a keen interest in world history along with his education in the arts and marketing, Gideon has a unique perspective in his writing that demonstrates a real world view integrated with the magic and wonder of fantasy. With hard work, education, and life experience he has evolved with his story telling and strives to inspire others to do the same through reading. "In our society where now technology reigns supreme, books are even more important to treasure."  


Atlanta, GA

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